County Limerick Townlands

Below is a list of townlands in County Limerick. Click on the townland name to see more information about it. You can also search for a particular townland.

When there is a number following the townland name, it is only to distinguish it from other townlands with the same name.

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Ballincurra 2 Ballynamona Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballincurra 3 Croagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballincurra 4 Kilbreedy Major Coshlea Kilmallock
Balline 1 Athneasy Smallcounty Kilmallock
Balline 2 Emlygrennan Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinfreera Croom Coshma Croom
Ballingaddy North Ballingaddy Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballingaddy South Ballingaddy Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballingarrane Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballingarry Ballingarry Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballingarry Town Ballingarry Cashel & Emly Connello Upper Croom
Ballingayrour Dromin Coshma Kilmallock
Ballingoola Cahercorney Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballingowan Grange Glenquin Newcastle
Ballinina Newcastle Glenquin Newcastle
Balliniska Mahoonagh Glenquin Newcastle
Ballinknockane Kilmoylan Shanid Rathkeale
Ballinlee Uregare Coshma Kilmallock
Ballinlee North Dromin Coshma Kilmallock
Ballinlee South Dromin Coshma Kilmallock
Ballinlongig Dromcolliher Limerick Connello Upper Newcastle
Ballinlough Ballinlough Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballinloughane Dunmoylan Shanid Rathkeale
Ballinloughare Ardagh Shanid Newcastle
Ballinlyna Lower Kilfinnane Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinlyny Kilscannell Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballinoran Bruree Connello Upper Kilmallock
Ballinrea Dromin Coshma Kilmallock
Ballinree Shanagolden Shanid Glin
Ballinroche East Crecora Pubblebrien Croom
Ballinroche North Crecora Pubblebrien Croom
Ballinruane Kilmeedy Limerick Connello Upper Croom
Ballinscaula Athneasy Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinscoola 1 Ballynamona Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballinscoola 2 Kilcullane Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballinstona North Uregare Coshma Kilmallock
Ballinstona South Uregare Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballintaw Croom Coshma Croom
Ballintober Darragh Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballintober East Killeedy Glenquin Newcastle
Ballintober South Killeedy Glenquin Newcastle
Ballintober West Killeedy Glenquin Newcastle
Ballintredida Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballintubbrid Monagay Glenquin Newcastle
Ballinvallig Monagay Glenquin Newcastle
Ballinvana 1 Athneasy Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinvana 2 Emlygrennan Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinveala Crecora Pubblebrien Croom
Ballinvira 1 Cappagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballinvira 2 Croagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballinvirick Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballinvoher Iveruss Kenry Rathkeale
Ballinvreena 1 Ballingarry Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinvreena 2 Emlygrennan Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinvulla 1 Clonagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballinvulla 2 Kilbradran Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballinvullin Mahoonagh Glenquin Newcastle
Ballinwillin Bruree Connello Upper Kilmallock
Ballinyna Upper Kilfinnane Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballyadam 1 Caherconlish Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballyadam 2 Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballyaglish Iveruss Kenry Rathkeale
Ballyagran Corcomohide Connello Upper Croom
Ballyagran Town Corcomohide Limerick Connello Upper Croom
Ballyallinan North Rathkeale Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballyallinan South Rathkeale Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballyan Kilbradran Shanid Rathkeale
Ballyane Kilmoylan Shanid Glin
Ballyania Uregare Coshma Kilmallock
Ballyanrahan East Kilkeedy Pubblebrien Limerick
Ballyanrahan West Kilkeedy Pubblebrien Limerick
Ballyart Caherconlish Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballyashea Kildimo Kenry Rathkeale
Ballybane Tullabracky Coshma Kilmallock
Ballybane Town Corcomohide Limerick Connello Upper Croom
Ballybaun Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballybeg 1 Dromkeen Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballybeg 2 Oola Coonagh Tipperary
Ballybeg 3 Uregare Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballybeggane Cloncagh Connello Upper Newcastle
Ballyblake Caherelly Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballybrennan Cahernarry Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballybricken East 1 Caherelly Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballybricken East 2 Inch St. Lawrence Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballybricken North Caherelly Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballybricken South Caherelly Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballybricken West Inch St. Lawrence Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballybrien Ballylanders Coshlea Mitchelstown
Ballybronoge North Killonahan Pubblebrien Limerick
Ballybronoge South Killonahan Pubblebrien Limerick
Ballybrood Ballybrood Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballybrown 1 Clonelty Glenquin Rathkeale
Ballybrown 2 Kilkeedy Limerick Pubblebrien Limerick
Ballybrown 3 Rathkeale Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ballycahane Kilcornan Kenry Rathkeale
Ballycahane Lower Ballycahane Pubblebrien Croom
Ballycahane Middle Ballycahane Pubblebrien Croom
Ballycahane Upper Ballycahane Pubblebrien Croom
Ballycahill Hospital Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballycampion Bruff Coshma Kilmallock

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