County Limerick Townlands

Below is a list of townlands in County Limerick. Click on the townland name to see more information about it. You can also search for a particular townland.

When there is a number following the townland name, it is only to distinguish it from other townlands with the same name.

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Abbeyfarm St. Peter's & St. Paul's Limerick Kilmallock Kilmallock
Abbeyfeale East Abbeyfeale Glenquin Newcastle
Abbeyfeale Town Abbeyfeale Limerick Glenquin Newcastle
Abbeyfeale West Abbeyfeale Glenquin Newcastle
Abbeylands Rathkeale Connello Lower Rathkeale
Abington Abington Owneybeg Limerick
Acres Killeedy Glenquin Kanturk
Adamstown Athneasy Smallcounty Kilmallock
Adamswood Croagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Adare Adare Coshma Croom
Adare Town Adare Limerick Coshma Croom
Aghalacka Askeaton Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ahabeg Carrigparson Clanwilliam Limerick
Ahabeg (Rose) Carrigparson Clanwilliam Limerick
Ahacore Abington Owneybeg Limerick
Ahadagh Kilmeedy Connello Upper Newcastle
Ahaveheen Cloncrew Connello Upper Newcastle
Ahawilk Mahoonagh Glenquin Newcastle
Ahnagurra Ballingarry Coshlea Kilmallock
Altavilla 1 Lismakeery Connello Lower Rathkeale
Altavilla 2 Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Amogan Beg Croagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Amogan More Croagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Anglesborough 1 Galbally Cashel & Emly Coshlea Mitchelstown
Anglesborough 2 Kilbeheny Coshlea Mitchelstown
Anglode Caherconlish Clanwilliam Limerick
Anhid East Anhid Limerick Coshma Croom
AnhidWest Anhid Limerick Coshma Croom
Annagh Abington Owneybeg Limerick
Annagh Galbally Cashel & Emly Coshlea Mitchelstown
Appletown Mahoonagh Glenquin Newcastle
Ardagh Ardagh Shanid Newcastle
Ardagh Town Ardagh Limerick Shanid Newcastle
Ardaneer Shanagolden Shanid Rathkeale
Ardanreagh Tullabracky Coshma Kilmallock
Ardbohil Rathkeale Connello Lower Rathkeale
Arddrine Grange Glenquin Newcastle
Ardgoul North Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ardgoul South Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ardgoulbeg Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ardkilmartin St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock Kilmallock
Ardlahan Kildimo Kenry Rathkeale
Ardlaman Kilbradran Shanid Rathkeale
Ardmore Ballyscaddan Coshlea Kilmallock
Ardnacrohy Monagay Glenquin Newcastle
Ardnamoher Galbally Cashel & Emly Coshlea Mitchelstown
Ardnanean Rathkeale Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ardnapreaghaun Croagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ardnaveagh Doondonnell Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ardpatrick Ardpatrick Coshlea Kilmallock
Ardrahin Galbally Cashel & Emly Coshlea Mitchelstown
Ardroe Grean Clanwilliam Limerick
Ardshanbally Adare Coshma Croom
Ardtomin Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Ardvarna Killeenagarriff Clanwilliam Limerick
Ardvone Ardagh Shanid Newcastle
Ardykeohane Bruff Coshma Kilmallock
Ardyoul St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock Kilmallock
Arranagh Monagay Glenquin Newcastle
Arrybreaga Oola Coonagh Tipperary
Arywee Fedamore Clanwilliam Limerick
Ash Hill St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock Kilmallock
Ashfort Crecora Pubblebrien Limerick
Ashgrove Newcastle Glenquin Newcastle
Ashroe Abington Owneybeg Limerick
Askeaton Askeaton Connello Lower Rathkeale
Askeaton Town Askeaton Limerick Connello Lower Rathkeale
Athea Lower Rathronan Limerick Shanid Newcastle
Athea Town Rathronan Limerick Shanid Newcastle
Athea Upper Rathronan Limerick Shanid Newcastle
Athlacca North Athlacca Coshma Kilmallock
Athlacca South Athlacca Coshma Kilmallock
Attyflin Killonahan Pubblebrien Limerick
Aughalin Clonelty Glenquin Newcastle
Aughinish East Robertstown Shanid Rathkeale
Aughinish West Robertstown Shanid Rathkeale
Badgerfort Kilpeacon Smallcounty Croom
Baggotstown Knockainy Smallcounty Kilmallock
Baggotstown East Knockainy Smallcounty Kilmallock
Baggotstown West Knockainy Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballagh Killeedy Glenquin Newcastle
Ballaghbehy Abbeyfeale Glenquin Newcastle
Ballaghbehy North Abbeyfeale Glenquin Newcastle
Ballaghbehy South Abbeyfeale Glenquin Newcastle
Ballinacarroona Kilquane Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinacurra (Bowman) St. Michael's Pubblebrien Limerick
Ballinacurra (Hart) St. Michael's Pubblebrien Limerick
Ballinacurra (Weston) St. Michael's Pubblebrien Limerick
Ballinanima (Brew) Kilfinnane Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinanima (D'Arcy) Kilfinnane Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinanima (Massy) Kilfinnane Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinard Ballinard Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballincarroona 1 Effin Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballincarroona 2 Kilfrush Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballincassa Grean Coonagh Tipperary
Ballincolloo Uregare Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballincolly Hackmys Coshma Kilmallock
Ballincrana Particles Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinculloo Athlacca Coshma Kilmallock
Ballincurra 1 Athlacca Coshma Kilmallock

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