County Limerick Townlands

Below is a list of townlands in County Limerick. Click on the townland name to see more information about it. You can also search for a particular townland.

When there is a number following the townland name, it is only to distinguish it from other townlands with the same name.

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Skehanagh Ballycahane Pubblebrien Croom
Skehanagh Kilpeacon Pubblebrien Croom
Skool Fedamore Smallcounty Limerick
Skoolhill Fedamore Smallcounty Limerick
Sluggary Mungret Pubblebrien Limerick
Snugborough Galbally Cashel & Emly Coshlea Mitchelstown
Spital-land St. Laurence's Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough Limerick
Spittle Ballylanders Coshlea Mitchelstown
Spittle Darragh Coshlea Kilmallock
Springfield Killagholehane Glenquin Newcastle
Springlodge Monasteranenagh Pubblebrien Croom
Srahane Carrigparson Clanwilliam Limerick
Srahane East Caherconlish Clanwilliam Limerick
Srahane West Caherconlish Clanwilliam Limerick
Sreelane Kilmurry Clanwilliam Limerick
Sroolane Shanagolden Shanid Rathkeale
Sroolane North Robertstown Shanid Rathkeale
Sroolane South Robertstown Shanid Rathkeale
St Francisabbey St. Mary's Limerick, Muni. Borough of Limerick
St. Patrickswell Town 1 Kilkeedy Pubblebrien Limerick
St. Patrickswell Town 2 Killonahan Pubblebrien Croom
St. Patrickswell Town 3 Mungret Limerick Pubblebrien Limerick
Steales St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock Kilmallock
Stephenstown Athneasy Coshlea Kilmallock
Stokesfield Robertstown Shanid Rathkeale
Stonehall Kilcornan Kenry Rathkeale
Stonehall Town Kilcornan Limerick Kenry Rathkeale
Stonepark Ludden Clanwilliam Limerick
Stonetown St. Nicholas Limerick, Muni. Borough of Limerick
Stoneville Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Stoneville Rathkeale Connello Lower Rathkeale
Stookeens Kilbreedy Major Coshlea Kilmallock
Stradbally North Stradbally Clanwilliam Limerick
Stradbally South Stradbally Clanwilliam Limerick
Sugarhill Monagay Glenquin Newcastle
Summerville Kilcornan Kenry Rathkeale
Sunglen Grean Coonagh Tipperary
Sunville Grean Coonagh Tipperary
Sunville Lower Particles Coshlea Kilmallock
Sunville Upper Particles Coshlea Kilmallock
Tankardstwon Uregare Smallcounty Kilmallock
Tankardstwon North Tankardstown Coshma Kilmallock
Tankardstwon South Tankardstown Coshma Kilmallock
Teermena Monagay Glenquin Newcastle
Teermore Kilbreedy Major Coshlea Kilmallock
Teernahilla Cloncagh Connello Upper Newcastle
Teervena Cloncagh Connello Upper Newcastle
Templeathea East Rathronan Shanid Newcastle
Templeathea West Rathronan Shanid Newcastle
Templebredon Templebredon Coonagh Tipperary
Templeglentan East Monagay Glenquin Newcastle
Templeglentan West Monagay Glenquin Newcastle
Templemichael Caherconlish Clanwilliam Limerick
Tervoe Kilkeedy Pubblebrien Limerick
Thomastown Kilbreedy Minor Coshma Kilmallock
Thomastown Kilfinnane Coshlea Kilmallock
Thornfield Killeenagarriff Clanwilliam Limerick
Tiermore Shanagolden Shanid Glin
Tinnacullia Kilcorcoran Kenry Rathkeale
Tinnakilla Kilmoylan Shanid Glin
Tinnatarriff Tuogh Owneybeg Limerick
Toberagarriff Abington Owneybeg Limerick
Tobermalug Caherconlish Clanwilliam Limerick
Tobermurry Kildimo Kenry Rathkeale
Tobernea Kilbreedy Minor Coshma Kilmallock
Tobernea East Effin Coshma Kilmallock
Tobernea Middle Effin Coshma Kilmallock
Tobernea West Effin Coshma Kilmallock
Toberyquin Caheravally Clanwilliam Limerick
Tomdeely North Tomdeely Connello Lower Rathkeale
Tomdeely South Tomdeely Connello Lower Rathkeale
Tonaree Templebredon Coonagh Tipperary
Tonbaun Crecora Pubblebrien Croom
Tonlegee Kildimo Kenry Rathkeale
Tonteere Ballybrood Clanwilliam Limerick
Toomaline Lower Doon Coonagh Tipperary
Toomaline Upper Doon Coonagh Tipperary
Toor Particles Coshlea Kilmallock
Tooradoo Rathronan Shanid Newcastle
Tooraleagan Ballylanders Coshlea Mitchelstown
Tooraree Lower Kilfergus Shanid Glin
Tooraree Upper Kilfergus Shanid Glin
Tooreen Croom Coshma Croom
Tooreen Carrigparson Clanwilliam Limerick
Tooreendonnell Kilmoylan Shanid Glin
Tooreennagreana Killeedy Glenquin Newcastle
Toorlougher Abington Owneybeg Limerick
Toornafulla Killeedy Limerick Glenquin Newcastle
Toryhill Croom Pubblebrien Croom
Towlerton Kilmurry Clanwilliam Limerick
Treanboy Monagay Glenquin Newcastle
Treanlewis St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock Kilmallock
Treanmanagh Grean Coonagh Tipperary
Treanmanagh Tuoghcluggin Coonagh Tipperary
Tubbrid Kilmoylan Shanid Rathkeale
Tulla Darragh Coshlea Kilmallock
Tullabeg Ballynaclogh Coonagh Tipperary
Tullabracky Tullabracky Coshma Kilmallock
Tullaha Killagholehane Glenquin Newcastle
Tullerboy Athlacca Coshma Kilmallock

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